Introducing We Are The Village

It takes a village to raise a child. And that's us.

We Are The Village is a community for those of us who don't have children but care deeply about childhood, about education, about parental rights, about everyone's health and wellbeing. The people around children and their parents who want to be part of that village. Aunts, uncles, family, friends, neighbours - whoever you are, you are an essential part of the ecosystem.

What are you going to get as part of WATV?

  • Enthusiasm and encouragement for people taking more of a role as a member of the village.

  • Curated reading from around the web and offline.

  • Find out about organisations, charities, initiatives, and policies that affect kids and parenting - and what you can do.

This is an experiment and you get the chance to shape this community, especially in these early stages. So let me know what you want to see featured, want to read more of, and are enjoying.

This is not an endeavour suited to everyone. I'm well aware there are people who dislike children, and/or parents. There are also many people for whom this would be too painful. I wish you peace.

These are some of the basic beliefs these emails will be operating from:

  • The nuclear family is a failed experiment. It really does take a village to raise a child. Loneliness has reached epidemic proportions. We live further and further away from our support networks, or just plain don't have any. Society has siloed. It is making us ill and unhappy.

  • Consumerism tried to plug the gap but the debt it brought along for the ride has crippled us. The current conditions of work, housing, and so on, are fundamentally flawed. And yet, there is plenty of money and resources in the world. What we lack is the will to apply them as they should be.

  • Children are under enormous pressure. We are leaving them an inheritance of a planet broken from climate change, an economy broken by unfettered capitalism.

More and more millenials will not have children. Because we just don't want them, because we can't afford them, because we've got better things to be getting on with, because we can't. We don't need justifications. And, to be honest, the world needs people who don't have kids.

Oh, hi. I'm Frances, your host. I have two toddler nieces and a nephew in production. I want to be the best aunt I can be, and a supportive sister too. Being this close to kids for the first time and spending a lot of time witnessing the front line of parenting has radically changed my understanding. It used to be a theoretical interest: in children, their wellbeing, and the future they represent.

Now it's much more urgent and real - and much bigger than me. Which is why I need people like you along for the ride.